About Us

Filios Assessor is a global business & technology consulting company with one key objective: help to find the tools Businesses need to Stimulate They salts Strengthen relationships, and heighten productivity.

Our goal is to increase the success of our customers through R + D + i (Research, Development and implementation) technology at the highest level.

What make us Different?

One of the distinguishing features is our ad-hoc to client needs expertise.

Through our services, customers can devote their time and efforts to your business and gradually see how to increase your profits.

We handle the technology department so that everything is working properly to be a source of revenue for the company.

Our Services

Advisory services, consulting and Technological coaching
Studies Automation
Studies in technology implementation to achieve financial savings
Departmental Optimization
Numerical resolution of models for the valuation of financial products
Studies valuation of financial derivatives
Maintenance of Hardware & Software
Audits of State
Adaptation of Specialized Audits
Attracting financial resources for investment in technological projects
Structuring Technology reports
Mathematical simulation and computer modeling processes in the Technology Industry
Custom software development
System statistical prediction
Studies Implementation, Maintenance and Optimization.
Process Simulation Ad-hoc
Security Audits
Maintenance Computer


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